This is one effing brilliant queso from Whole Foods. Unwrap the paper it is encased in and slice up a few thin pieces with a Laguiole cheese knife, if you’re feeling fancy. Add a pinch of water crackers and a dash of soppressata. Bon appetit.



that would be crabs Cantonese style and some Singaporean chow fun.

a friend who had moved to the tri-state area a few years ago had committed a treacherous act of not visiting this underground Chinese spot and so on one snowy afternoon, we went. And it was VUNDEVAR.

apparently the (allegedly) illuminaticized hip-hop duo Bonnie and Clyde (a.k.a. Sasha Fierce and Hova, a.k.a. Beyonce and Jay-Z) are “going vegan” for 22 days. why? he accepted a challenge made by a friend. okay, whatever. on a high level this ain’t no thang, as we’ve all proclaimed “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED” to friends (and foes) who have tried to get us to, let’s say, not drink for a month/not spill anything on oneself or anything else/etc. some of us do it for religious reasons, a “fasting” of sorts. i gave up red meat in its entirety last year for Lent and i pretty much died a little bit inside. chicken tried to make me feel better about the situation but IT WASN’T THE SAME.

in any case, back to hip-hop. and vegans. hip-hop vegans.

courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

naturally, we amplify anything any celebrity worth talking about does, and so when Jay-Z posted this challenge on his Life + Times site, it was met with a cataclysmic wave of both anger and fascination. in all honesty though, WHO THE HELL CARES. it’s like he announced that he had in fact found the Holy Grail and was sipping Ace of Spades champagne from it with Justin Timberlake.

overall, it’s fine that he posted about this challenge. celebs and normal homo sapiens do it all the time, whether it be on FB, Tumblr, or even here. but the reason why i am so incredibly incensed about this is because of what Hova writes about it:

Why now? There’s something spiritual to me about it being my 44th birthday and the serendipity behind the number of days in this challenge; 22 (2+2=4) coupled with the fact that the challenge ends on Christmas day…It just feels right!”

…just…WHAT? why is this freaking significant? i’m so glad the wondrous magic of numbers made eating plants for 22 days that much more worthwhile for him.

in conclusion: go be a vegan for a few weeks. i’m sure that it has some detox benefits and your skin will probably look pretty great. but do we need a shoddy attempt at eloquence and “deep thought?” probably not.

i hope he drinks a tall glass of soymilk in the morning while wearing his $3,000 pair of leather shorts. not that his fashion sense has to do with this challenge, but i like the fact that we celebrate this leather creation by charging an arm and a leg for it in a boutique. and Godspeed trying to stay away from April Bloomfield’s scotch egg.

credits to themetapicture.com

credits to themetapicture.com


breaking bread should always sound this good. my ears are flooded with glorious sounds of unicorns neighing in contentment.

Janusz Kaminski’s Making a Scene


part of my thanksgiving weekend was spent observing the art of homemade sushi by friends who grew up in Japan. i give much respek to sushi masters who spend years crafting their sushi rice alone, but damn it if this isn’t the easiest and most scrumdiddilyumptious way to prepare it en la casa.

hashtag nom nom nom nom: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57dzaMaouXA

photoi give to you a breakfast sammie from Cafe Rose Nicaud in Marigny, NOLA. that is a homemade biscuit stuffed with egg and ALLIGATOR SAUSAGE. you’re welcome.

but real talk: i hope your thanksgivings aren’t just full of brined birds, green bean casserole with French’s fried onions and lots and lots of alcoholic beverages, but also have curious and curiouser eats like this situation on the left.

eat, drink and be merry.